Estate Planning, Probate and Grief

There are a lot of emotions that go along with estate planning. Many people are uncomfortable or when comforted with the practical fact that they will not live forever and have to plan accordingly. Parents don't want to confront deciding who they would want to be their children's guardian if they were to pass away. Parents of children with special needs reveal their deepest fears about their children outliving them and needing someone else to take care of them. My job is to put these worries to rest and to replace them with the confidence that they have a solid plan to take care of their family legally, financially, and practically moving forward.

When drafting documents, I do everything in my power to make things easy for a clients' surviving family down the road. By spending time truly getting to know my clients, I can share in their concerns and help troubleshoot how to solve some of those serious issues.

More than this however, it is a hazard of my job that I periodically get calls to tell me that previous clients of mine have passed away. The redeeming part of all of this is that I have the wonderful opportunity to help families who are in the midst of grief and need someone to take care of administrative issues like probate so that they can focus on being with their loved ones. I enjoy having real and personal relationships with my clients and am grateful that their families at-large trust me to be there for them. My hope is always that I can provide them with a peace of mind and bear some of their burdens as they sort through their emotions and get back on their feet.

If you are in need of assistance with sorting out probate after a loved one has passed away, or if you are unsure as to what steps you need to take, I am happy to give you advice, guide you through the process, or take on the responsibility to perform the administrative steps on your behalf. And most of all - Thank you to my clients who trust me to help during your time of need!